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HAPPY CAMPER LIVE provides FUN, adventure and activities that motivate kids to LEARN, DO and SPARK life changing moments everyday.

Happy Camper Live provides a safe and INSPIRING environment with comprehensive and inclusive storytelling sparking discovery and building the confidence of a new generation of Happy Campers.

Choose from hundreds of activities and create your own adventure.

  • Flip out with a world-class gymnast.
  • Make whatever you want! Great art! New music! Even gooey-grilled cheese!
  • Spike a volleyball with a national high school champ.
  • Pilot a whizzing drone like a pro.



Happy Camper Live is the brainchild of Allison Miller. She and her husband, David Miller, have owned and operated one of American’s finest summer camps for over 20 years, where more than 10,000 campers have had the time of their lives. Allison wholeheartedly believes in the transformational magic of American summer camp, and as Director at Happy Camper Live, she scours the globe for the top talent in common and not-so-common camp activities. Allison wants every camper to discover a passion, take it offline, and come back to the campfire to show the world something new.


As Executive Producer, Steve brings a strong sense of the ridiculous to Happy Camper Live having earlier in his career created Nickelodeon’s hit summer camp classic Salute Your Shorts. Among his other TV credits, Slavkin has written for Amazon, Disney, Fox, and more. Slavkin sets the creative direction for Happy Camper programming created and directed Happy Camper Live’s original web series. Steve lives for food fights and he’s never eaten a s’more he didn’t like.



Want an authentic Happy Camper Live T-Shirt so you can represent?! Or towels or bedding? Or anything else you need for the real trip away to summer camp? Happy Camper Live has got you covered with a camp store that’s jam-packed with the best stuff at the best prices so you can have fun in style.



You love Happy Camper Live so much that you want to head off for the summer to a real-life camp? You’re in luck. Check our listing of over 3000 camps and programs near you where you can find fun in the summer sun!. Whatever your age or interests are, there is a camp waiting for you!



Camp is about community, and at Happy Camper Live we’re dedicated to making an impact in this world one happy act at a time. We are committed to raising awareness for important non-profit camps around the globe who offer meaningful and life-changing experiences for campers with all different needs.